One-on-One Coaching

Designed for individuals looking for the highest level of accountability that online personal training offers, your experience will be fully tailored to you, from your individualized exercise program, to your nutritional coaching, all the way to your behavioral coaching. This service is meant for people looking for that extra expertise and accountability (also good for beginners).

What it’s about:

One-on-one online personal training is about taking you, from wherever you are in your fitness, diet, and mentality, to a place you always knew you could get to.  It’s about realizing your potential.

What?  One-on-one coaching.  Training software that delivers your training program, nutrition protocol/coaching/tracking, and behavioral coaching done through the messenger function and email.

When?  Training is done based on your schedule that we set each and every week on Sundays.

Who?  Anyone!  It is important that we first assess what level you currently are and discuss how we will progress you from that point.  I have worked with all types of people and understand the supreme importance of training at your ability level. This is the real value of one on one coaching.

Why?  You are really serious about making a change and you will put it off no longer.

How…much?  One on one coaching costs $200/month.

Here’s what you get:

  • Accountability
  • Results
  • Elite coaching
  • My friendship (probably 🙂 )

Here’s what you pay for:

  • Communication with your trainer, Ben, whenever you need it.
  • Weekly reflections and goal setting to increase accountability.
  • Personalized exercise program delivered to you within 2 days (excluding weekends).
  • Nutrition, and behavior coaching that is based in science, my experience, and what you need to achieve your goals.
  • Membership in FitnessFeedHQ’s online training community for support, solutions, and accountability.
  • The FitnessFeedHQ newsletter containing the latest information coming from strength training or nutrition research as well as recipes, techniques, tips, and anything that will help you achieve your goals.

Get started with your one-on-one online personal training by setting up a video or phone consultation here.

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