Inner Circle (Membership)

Already have a good handle on training, but need to take it to the next level?  Inner circle was created for those of you with slight to intermediate experience in weight training, needing a structured plan with no wasted efforts.

What it’s about:

Lose fat.  Get strong.  The monthly membership is built by FitnessFeedHQ as a FAT LOSS program.  It is not customized to any one individual, but instead comes with ways for you to modify it to fit your needs/preferences.

What?  A monthly fat loss program fully equipped with progressions and regressions (exercises that are harder or easier) so you can adjust if needed.  The program and nutrition documents are delivered to you the minute you activate your account.

When?   Typically the programs will ask you to train 5 days/week, but this will vary month to month.

Who?  This service is meant for people with a prior knowledge of working out without constant oversight.

Why?  You need a program that will take you to the next level, but you’re too cheap for a trainer.

How….much?  Because that’s what we all really care about right?  This membership costs $49/month.  These programs are not customized to your needs or abilities and they expect a high level of independence.  These are most recommended for former clients of mine or people who are mildly experienced in training.

Here’s what you get:

  • An insanely awesome community
  • Workouts and sessions that keep training fresh and effective (backed by science, no B.S.)
  • More muscly 🙂 🙂

Here’s what you pay for:

  • Immediate delivery of the program and beginning nutrition documents upon download of our training software.
  • Brand new, evidence-based exercise programs every month geared towards fat loss.
  • Access to FitnessFeedHQ’s nutritional protocol and guidance.
  • Membership in FitnessFeedHQ’s online training community for support, solutions, and accountability.
  • The FitnessFeedHQ newsletter containing the latest information coming from strength training or nutrition research as well as recipes, techniques, tips, and anything that will help you achieve your goals.

Have questions about the Inner Circle? Drop them here and we’ll be sure to answer them for ya!