This is me this morning.  Well actually this is me most mornings because I mean it’s coffee right!?  Sometimes I wake up at night and just think about coffee.  Anyway, let’s talk about coaching.

I’ve had quite a few coaches in my life, and I’ve had the pleasure of coaching quite a few people as well.  Below you will find some thoughts and lessons I’ve learned from coaching and the why and how of my coaching!

Coach Ben’s Philosophy

Here is why I coach:

1. First and foremost, to help.

I have seen people come from so many different places in life and have been able to help them in some way. The reason I coach is for the change I can help people make in their life, whatever it may be.

2. To inspire.

People don’t need help being negative, that comes easy. I want to help people by inspiring them, and helping them inspire others. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been training a client doing something amazing that they worked really hard on, and another client will come up to them and just say “Wow _____, that’s so amazing!” We can do more together than we can alone.

3. To teach.

This may be the most important one, though to you it’s probably the most boring. I am not the coach that tells people what to do. I want my clients to want to know what to do. This is an exercise in building yourself, which comes from understanding and questioning. Everything you do with me will have a why. This is where you find your motivation and your discipline…more to come on this topic in the future.

Here’s How I Coach:

1.  Accountability.

This is key because most people are in a new realm and need real leadership and guidance.

2.  Proper Training.

I will use tried and tested training techniques that are meant to actually get your somewhere (insert dig at “muscle confusion” here).

3.  Motivation + Education = Intrinsic Motivation.  Intrinsic motivation + Practice = Discipline.

I take your motivation and I give you the why (for free!) so that you become intrinsically motivated!  Once you become intrinsically motivated, you can become disciplined.  I help you do this by teaching you the importance of practice.

Ok that’s just a brief(I hope!) summary of me and what I do with my online coaching.

Coach Ben Out!