The 2 Main Reasons Your Workout Routine Isn’t Working

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve had come to me saying, “everything went really well for the first month or so, then nothing happened”, or “yeah I just haven’t been able to get any stronger recently”, or my favorite “nothing I’m doing seems to be working”.  It happens to everybody at some point […]

Online Personal Trainer, Uncle Sam Wants You to

Why Use an Online Personal Trainer

Technology is advancing quickly, obviously, and information is becoming so much more accessible.  These developments have laid the foundation for the prominent rise of online personal training.  It conveys the same quality of service and efficacy as in-person training with a few added benefits.  So let’s jump right in.

Best Cardio for Fat Loss

Best Cardio For Fat Loss

The Best Cardio for Fat Loss Let’s talk about your best cardio for fat loss.  Now let’s remove the best, because in fitness, we find there is no one size fits all and there is no best diet, no best exercise program, no best gym…There is only the quest to learn more and understand how […]

Online Fitness Coaching Ben Anderson

Online Fitness Coaching | FitnessFeedHQ

People ask about online fitness coaching all the time.  So what you train them over the phone?  You skype while they work out?  Yeah but what about form?  I decided that I would answer these questions in blog form so hopefully it will make a little more sense to everyone!

Exercise for weight loss

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss | Which Is Better

Weight loss vs fat loss, I thought they meant the same thing…you’re telling me they’re different? Yes.  They are different and here’s how.

Plant-Based Strength Training: 1 Year and Counting

Plant-based strength training can be extremely difficult.  I’ve tried it before and it did NOT go well.  However, last year, after Thanksgiving dinner, my girlfriend and I decided we would officially be primarily plant-based…again.  Even after a pretty rough first experience with it, I said yes because I’m extremely stubborn and hate sucking at stuff.  […]

Weight Training for Beginners: Why and How to Start

Starting weight training for beginners can be intimidating.  You don’t have any experience with the exercises, you don’t know if you’re doing them right, you don’t know which ones to do or how many times to do them.  It’s all very daunting, I know!  I’ve been there.

Online Personal Training Prices

Online Personal Training Prices

Online personal training prices can vary greatly depending on how you search for it, who you find, and how hands on the service can be.  The increased popularity of exercise and the prominence of technology has created the rise in online personal training.  While there are many forms of it, for the purposes of this post, […]

Coach Ben’s Philosophy

This is me this morning.  Well actually this is me most mornings because I mean it’s coffee right!?  Sometimes I wake up at night and just think about coffee.  Anyway, let’s talk about coaching. I’ve had quite a few coaches in my life, and I’ve had the pleasure of coaching quite a few people as […]

Practice Meditation


Practice is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Is this something we do as adults who work for a living? Is it something we should be doing? If so what are the benefits? What does it even really mean?