To Lift Heavy or Not To Lift Heavy?

Lift heavy, bro While the narrative has changed on lifting weight recently, thankfully, it’s time to clear things up on what lifting heavy really means and how to do it safely and appropriately.

Best Exercise for Fat Loss

THE BEST Exercise for Fat Loss

I am eventually going to give you my best exercise for fat loss, but it’s not what you think. Now first things first. I don’t believe in bests, or all-or-nothing mentalities. So while I am going to give you my “best” exercise for fat loss in this article, I want to encourage you to look […]

When and What to Eat Before and After a Workout

When and what to eat before and after a workout: a simplified approach. What should I eat before a workout?  What should I eat after a workout?  It’s easy to get overly complicated answers to simple questions these days.  There is so much information floating around and not a lot of practical advice on how […]

The Measure of a Good Workout

How to tell if you’ve done a good workout A good workout should leave you exhausted, drenched in sweat, sore for days. Right? Well, maybe, maybe not.  Let’s begin by again defining working out versus training:

New Years Resolution List

New Years Resolutions vs Goals | Why You Need Both

Ahhh, new years resolutions.  It’s the time of year when everyone gets motivated to make their lifestyle and health changes.  Which is GREAT!  They decide it’s time to get back to the gym and start exercising again, maybe even lifting some weights.  It’s time to start eating healthy again, give up soda, drink less alcohol, […]

Some Things Just Don't Make No Sense; Best Diet for Weight Loss

Best Diet for Weight Loss and Why Does it Work

How to decide the best diet for weight loss?  I mean your friend Jenny lost a bunch of weight doing CrossFit and eating paleo, Liz lost her weight doing Orangetheory and eating low carb, while Karen is at her goal weight after eating vegan!  What is going on??

How to Build Your Own Fat Loss Workout Plan

You’re probably reading this because you want to lose fat.  Guess what, so do a lot of other people.  What makes it so difficult?  How come only a few people are really successful in doing it?  How do you begin to make a plan that will actually work?  If you’ve asked yourself any of these […]

Top 5 Fitness Tips

After you spend a decent amount of time training clients, you begin to hear the same questions and see a lot of the same patterns over and over again.  This post is dedicated to all you seeking a bit of guidance early on!  Here are my top 5 fitness tips.

Crossfit Good or Bad?

CrossFit: Good or Bad? A Coach’s Analysis

So let’s talk about CrossFit!  One of my favorite things to discuss with clients and professionals alike!  Anyone who has trained with me has undoubtedly talked about CrossFit with me.  I actually had a brief stint with CrossFit in college when our strength and conditioning coach for our varsity soccer team used a CrossFit program […]

Unbreakable Fitness Mindset

The Unbreakable Fitness Mindset and How to Own It

As with anything, the fitness mindset must be understood, challenged, and molded.  The mindset must be firm and determined, yet pliable.  It must be able to adapt to new circumstances while remaining true to itself.  But how important is it really?