The 8 Worst Pieces of Fitness Advice That Keep Sticking Around

Odds are if you’ve been in a gym or know someone who works out, you’ve heard some, all, or versions of these common examples of bad fitness advice.  Some of these still make me cringe thinking about how detrimental they can be to someone’s health, livelihood, and overall enjoyment of getting healthier and fitter.

The Complete Diet and Fitness Guide Part 4 of 4: Best Fitness Program to Build Muscle and Mass

The Complete Diet and Fitness Guide Part 3 of 4: Best Fat Loss and Weight Loss Practices

This is the best fat loss and weight loss advice you’ll ever hear: Don’t expect it to be easy or fast.  It will take time, it will take patience, and it will take discipline.  But as long as you don’t quit or give up, you will succeed.

The Complete Diet and Fitness Guide Part 2 of 4: Fitness

If you’ve been told that you have to exercise a certain way to stay fit or that one type of fitness is better than another, think again.  Despite what people may want you to think, there is no right or wrong fitness, no perfect plan, no ideal way to stay in shape for everyone.  It’s […]

Diet and Fitness Lifestyle

The Complete Diet and Fitness Guide Part 1 of 4: Diet

So you’re just starting out on your new diet and fitness lifestyle.  You know that you need to be moving more and eating differently, but where to start?  There’s a ton of information but it’s a combination of confusing, misleading, and wrong.  This will help you look at the bigger picture and weed through a […]

Difference Between Female And Male Body

Fat Loss for Women: Is It Harder for Women than Men?

You may have heard somewhere along the way that fat loss for women is harder than for men.  Hopefully you’ve realized there are some significant differences between men and women by this stage of your life.  But when it comes to exercise and fat loss, is it harder for men or women to lose fat […]

Chronic Stress

Does Stress Affect Your Weight Loss Goals? Here’s How to Manage It

What Stress Is Doing to You Does stress affect weight loss efforts?  Yes.  Does it affect weight gain efforts?  Yes.  Bottom line is if you’re overly stressed, specifically chronically, then you will see diminished returns on your goals.

How to Get Stronger | FFHQ

How to Get Stronger | A Simple Guide to the Basics

Preface: Just a quick note that since I’ll be discussing strength by it’s definition, the ability of a muscle group to develop maximal contractile force against a resistance in a single contraction, I would like to make the point that strength isn’t always that black and white. I consider strength, especially with my clients, to be […]

Increase your metabolism

How To Increase Your Metabolism and Why It Slows Down

You want to know how to increase your metabolism.  But why did it slow down in the first place?  And how do you increase your metabolism if it’s already slow or slowing down?  A ton of research has become available recently on the topic of metabolism.  I’m sure you’ve talked about it, or at least […]

5 Steps to Stick to a Routine and Eliminate the F*** It Mentality

Tough love F*** it.  I don’t want to go to the gym today.  I’m too tired.  Work went long today.  We’ve all been there before, having a million reasons NOT to go to the gym and take care of business.  This is precisely the moment you lost.