Are We Losing the Ability to Hold Ourselves to a Higher Standard?

Queue up any quote or criticism of society, millennials, or social media right now and see that people are in complete agreement that the culture today is one of laziness, entitlement, and narcissism. You see it day in and day out with marketing, ads, Instagram, Facebook, etc.  All of these channels are pandering to your […]

Body Fat Percentage vs. BMI

Body Fat Percentage vs. BMI | 5 Components of Fitness Part 5

Are you confused about body fat percentage vs. BMI?  Maybe why doctors are talking about BMI and everyone else only cares about body fat percentage.  You’re confused for good reason.  There’s a lot of information about the two out there and which one is healthy.  Let’s find out with one is better for you and […]

Personal Trainer vs. Coach – Finding the Best Online Fitness Coach

There are A LOT of personal trainers and coaches out there, but how do you find the best ones, specifically, how do you find the best online fitness coach?  What’s the difference between a coach and a trainer anyway?  Aren’t they the same?

Cardio Options - Running

Options for Cardio and Why You Need It : 5 Components of Fitness Part 4

I recently read a great post that addressed the idea of why people don’t like exercise or working out.  The answer?  They’re doing it wrong.  How?  In most cases, it’s starting out too fast or too intense.  Your body likes to move in the right ways, but we tend to force it for whatever reason […]

3 Rules to Never Need Fitness Motivation Again

Best Mobility Exercise - Pistol Squats

The 7 Best Mobility Drills for Fitness : 5 Components of Fitness Part 2

I often get asked what the best mobility drills are. Many people will hear the word mobility and confuse it, understandably, with flexibility. Let’s clear up the difference before diving into the main discussion and how you can start to train your mobility today.

Strength Training in Fitness

Role of Power and Strength Training in Fitness : 5 Components of Fitness Part 1

Strength training in fitness is just one of the 5 components of fitness.  But why is it so important to include in your routine and how can you do it?

The 8 Worst Pieces of Fitness Advice That Keep Sticking Around

Odds are if you’ve been in a gym or know someone who works out, you’ve heard some, all, or versions of these common examples of bad fitness advice.  Some of these still make me cringe thinking about how detrimental they can be to someone’s health, livelihood, and overall enjoyment of getting healthier and fitter.

The Complete Diet and Fitness Guide Part 4 of 4: Best Fitness Program to Build Muscle and Mass