You lack fitness motivation.  It’s not surprising.  Inspiration, motivation, and content is rushing in at you from all sides.  It comes in the form of influencers on social media, friends, and email marketing campaigns from that fitness video that offered you a free program.  We are constantly being berated by videos, infographics, images that have the potential to amaze, inspire, and motivate us.

As a culture, we are becoming increasingly dependent and addicted to our content.  We love being able to post a workout selfie and get gratification instantly on our efforts, or looking on Instagram and being inspired to work towards an ability, a talent, a lifestyle, or an image.  Whatever it is, we’re all doing it.  We’re idolizing someone else who is doing what we want to be doing, and we’re dependent on the rush of motivation we get from watching them do it.

What makes the people you follow exactly that, the people you FOLLOW, is that they are the ones taking action and achieving what they know, or sometimes don’t know, they are capable of.

So if you’ve found yourself looking for something external to help you make a change, and sometimes that’s necessary especially to start (enter your coach), then this post is exactly what you need to hear.

How to Stop Needing Fitness Motivation

Odds are that you know the things that must be done to get you towards your goals:

  • Eat healthier, nutritious foods
  • Exercise more/better
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Manage your stress

But for some reason, it’s just so hard to stay on top of all those things.  You can find a multitude of memes joking about trying to “juggle” all of that and still live your life.  When really, isn’t your life about being the best you can be?  Doesn’t that include your health and well-being?

Let me clarify.  This is not some get more out of every waking minute rant.  This is a serious problem.   People are not holding themselves to a high standard (again, something listed in the job description of a coach).  If you are capable of more, in whatever way that means, then you owe it to yourself to strive to achieve that.  Otherwise what are you actually doing here?

The real key to no longer needing or relying on motivation in fitness comes from a simple mindset shift.

Number 1: Know Your Potential

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The first thing you must do to undermine the need for fitness motivation is to know your potential.

This means that you must BELIEVE that you are capable of more than you are currently giving/doing.  This requires that you stop negative self-talk, because complaining about your circumstance or your current situation is not acceptable.  Everyone has a different set of circumstances and nobody can do anything to change it but you.  Don’t like the situation?  Master it and produce something meaningful out of it.

How do I believe I am capable of more?

You have to first try to be.  Take one decision, and take the harder route.  Whatever context you’re reading this in, fitness or not, do that extra thing.  Don’t shy away from something that’s hard just because you don’t like how it feels or because you don’t want to.  Face it.  Face it and defeat it.  If you don’t defeat it, try again.  When you do, you’ll have realized your potential and it will keep growing.  You will be able to do more and more and your belief will build.

Number 2: Be Disciplined

This is a tough one, but it starts with a simple decision.  If you want to be disciplined, you must decide to be disciplined.  This is the biggest factor in overhauling your motivation.  If you do not begin to master your discipline, you will never succeed, specifically over the long-term.

The people who you are looking up to and admiring are practicing discipline.  Whether it be in their fitness, their business, or their relationships etc.  Their discipline is what got them where they are.  I guarantee you they didn’t rely on their motivation to get there.  Although they most definitely had spots of motivation along the way, consistency is what builds fitness, businesses, and relationships and consistency comes from discipline, not from motivation.

How do I become disciplined?

Discipline requires again that you believe you are doing the right things (as previously mentioned).  Eliminate the doubt that you are not doing the right things, and begin making little decision after little decision to do the right things.

By making one decision that introduces discipline, you will beget more discipline.  This is because discipline is trained and it is a positive feedback loop, meaning the more of it you practice, the more of it you will have.  It is not an exhaustible resource like you’re made to believe, it is simply a reflection of your beliefs and your practices.  So believe and practice discipline, especially with your fitness.

Discipline means that you believe firmly in doing the right things and you will not stray from that path.

Number 3: Rely on Yourself

There is no one that can make you do the things you want to do, except you.  You have to own your decisions, your choices, your actions, your words, everything.  It’s all down to you.

If that makes you feel helpless and alone, it shouldn’t.  It should make you feel hopeful.  Because you are no longer at the mercy of someone, or something else.  Your life is in your hands, and it’s that way because you chose to make it so.

How can I rely on myself when I lack motivation?

To truly rely on yourself you must first accept that you are in control of your decisions.  This is true for everyone.  Every day you have choices and decisions that will allow you to achieve or not achieve your goals.  “I have to work early in the morning”.  Get up earlier and get your workout in.  “I don’t have enough time after work”.  Make time somewhere else in your day.

The point is that people who want to change will find ways to beat down their excuses and come up with some solutions.  Your job, to rely on yourself, is to realize that excuses are your way of passing the responsibility off on something else.  Work, family, friends, time stopped you from getting it done.  In reality, you allowed them to stop you.

This is what relying on yourself really means.  In the end, it comes down to you.  By all means, seek help (coach) and support (coach/community/friends), but realize that no one will do it for you.

Key takeaway:

The only way to beat the endless cycle of needing fitness motivation, getting it, losing it, falling back into old habits, and repeating it is to begin implementing some discipline into your routine.  What you’re doing will work over time, if you just give it the chance.

When you have motivation in fitness, or in any other part of your life, use it.  It’s great!  It gets things started and can help you break through a plateau.  The lesson I hope you’ve learned from this post is that you can use it, like a tool, but not depend on it.  Absolutely harness it and use it, but don’t rely on it.

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